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STEM Program

We offer a wonderful after-school program for children grades 3 through 5 to participate in exciting and fun learning activities based on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  We meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 - 5:00 pm.  This is the second year for this program and it has become a huge success.  Below you may click on the button to view a copy of our latest attendance policy.  

STEM Attendance Policy

STEM Attendance Policy (pdf)


Ask a librarian for your online login and password, so you can have a more interactive experience!

EBSCOhost ~ Learning Express

To access the Ebscohost main page link, and the other links below you will need a 7-digit login ID. Here’s how: 

  1. You will use these three digits, 644 and your library password ID. For example, if your password ID is 1234, your Ebscohost login will be 6441234. Simple!
  2. If you don’t know your password ID, just ask Susan, Carolyn, or Diana.




↓ EBSCOhost Main Menu Link Below ↓   

EBSCOhost has links to general research and public library access that include:  

  1. Alphabetical List of Resources - Choose and Search ALL resources from an alphabetical list.
  2. eBook Collection - Fiction & Nonfiction titles for all, including a wide range of subjects & topics.
  3. Explora - General Research and Public Library
  4. Explora Elemetary - for K through 5th Grade research
  5. Explora Middle School - for Junior High research
  6. Explora High School - for 9th through 12th Grade research
  7. Consumer Health Complete - Covering all areas of health & wellness from mainstream to alternative.
  8. Academic  Search Elite - Peer reviewed journals for Academics and college bound  students.
  9. Science Reference Center - Teacher and student resources for all science research needs 

Click on picture & use Login ID to access HeritageQuest Online -  Genealogy & Historical Research

Click on picture & use Login ID to access HeritageQuest Online -  Genealogy & Historical Research

Three New Resources!


Online Resources:

Resumés / Cover Letters:

Computer Skills Center:


Online Practice Tests such as the ACT, HiSET, GRE, and more; Tutorials; Job & Career Resources; and eBooks

Computer Skills Center:

Resumés / Cover Letters:

Computer Skills Center:


Learn all about your computer:  from making a spreadsheet, to surfing the web, to creating beautiful photos

Resumés / Cover Letters:

Resumés / Cover Letters:

Resumés / Cover Letters:


Create and publish the most effective resumés and cover letters possible with the Resumé and Cover Letter Builder

Try this fun and educational site for your children!


Just for Kids and Young Adults

Kids are our most valuable patrons!

A child who is nurtured and encouraged to read is a child who grows up to be a reader, an encourager, and a nurturer. We believe that by teaching a child the value of a good library we have given him or her an appreciation of knowledge, research, curiosity, discovery and fantasy. Keep watching our site as we post more and more programs and activities for children.
Websites for Kids  - Printable reading centers & activities - Read aloud picture books - Delivers safe search results for kids


Young Adult readers are encouraged to visit the library often. Your section continues to grow with new books coming in every month. Come check out the brand new computers with 20” flat screens! The connection is extremely fast so your online gaming won’t lag. A library is a place for all types of recreation. The new DVD collection is growing fast. Come in and make a request for something you would like to see in our collection. Learning Express is an online testing website now available here at the library or at home with your library membership.  (See Addtional Information below.) Through our server you can now practice ACT, and SAT tests before the big day. We look forward to seeing you at the library.

Websites for Teens - literature notes and study guides, covering literature, Shakespeare, biology, chemistry, math, calculus, history, and much more - Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids.  Online educational tool for students K-12.  On this site, Benjamin Franklin teaches how our government works and how to access primary source materials.  - free online practice test site - free online practice test site - American Presidency Project - US Dept of Labor sponsored portal  - Historic American Newspapers - Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Colleges - Sports Reference - Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWt

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For Information and/or Help with Addictions:


The vast majority of people who need treatment for substance abuse do not seek it. Though there are many barriers that hinder people from getting the help they need, awareness is a significant factor. This can be in the form of lack of recognition or just not knowing the available avenues for help. So we created a comprehensive set of guides that provide information on many of the prevailing substance abuses that are affecting our communities today, various care options, and many free resources. Below are examples of helpful guides: